Services: Complete “Start-to-Finish” Package

mbaMission believes in its package approach; this flat-fee option gives you unlimited brainstorming assistance, ongoing feedback and advice and as many revisions to your essays, resume and other elements of your application as you feel you need to craft the most successful application possible. Here we outline our Complete “Start-to-Finish" package—a comprehensive process that has proven to yield results.

Pre-Stage: Access the mbaMission Library

Candidates who purchase our Complete “Start-to-Finish” Admissions Package gain access to the entire mbaMission library, from our Complete Start-to-Finish MBA Admissions Guide (and its numerous sample resumes, essays and more) to our mbaMission Insider’s Guides for each of your target schools, plus our school-specific Interview Guides, for when you advance to that stage of the application process. You will have a wealth of unrivaled research and resources at your fingertips.

Stage 1: Candidate Assessment

You can take several significant steps at the beginning of the application process that will help you develop your profile and improve your candidacy. We will advise you on these steps and various other important issues at this stage, such as taking or retaking the GMAT, enrolling in math and finance courses, selecting a volunteer organization to join, planning campus visits and connecting with students and alumni to learn specifics about programs. By proactively targeting any weaknesses in your candidacy and complementing your strengths, we will help you complete your profile.

Stage 2: Program Compatibility

After reviewing your profile and developing a thorough understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, we will help you identify the MBA programs at which you will be competitive. Our next step is developing a strategy to move forward. Using the research in our Insider’s Guides, we will explain the attributes and strengths of the top business schools so you can pinpoint the best fit for you and your goals.

Stage 3: Brainstorming

Through one-on-one idea generation sessions, we will help you identify interesting and inspirational stories from your past. Experience has shown us that applicants often ignore events in their history that seem trivial to them, but such events can often be the incredible stories that make candidates stand out. We will guide you in incorporating these unique personal stories into the larger context of your application, developing compelling and comprehensive statements that will highlight your notable attributes.

Stage 4: Outlining

By working with you to develop a framework for each essay, we will save you valuable time while also reducing your stress and helping you avoid common applicant errors. You will prepare your first complete draft knowing that you have a clear direction and the foundation for a compelling essay.

Stage 5: Essay Writing and Unconventional “Essay” Constructions

In the edits of your essay drafts, you will find a variety of questions and comments designed to increase the detail, color and flow of your writing, without compromising word limits. With each subsequent draft, we will help you further fine-tune your ideas, focusing on sentence structure, grammar and style, while maintaining your distinct voice. Further, we can assist you in creating and managing the new wave of alternative “essays” schools are increasingly requesting—videos, PowerPoint presentations and more. And our work is not done until you are satisfied; we place no limit on the number of drafts we will review for you.

Resume and Short Answer Preparation

Your resume and responses to your target school’s “short answer” questions are also crucial parts of your application. We will ensure that these elements are detailed, well developed and results oriented, thereby bolstering your overall chances for success and allowing you to capitalize on every opportunity.

Letters of Recommendation

Selecting and managing the individuals who will write your letters of recommendation takes thought and skill. We will give you the tools to select and guide the recommenders whose letters will both complement and supplement your application and grab the attention of the admissions committees.

Stage 6: Interview Preparation

Using questions posed to previous applicants to your selected school and intelligence gathered through years of client interview reports, we will ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for your admissions interviews. You will be able to meet with your official school interviewer with confidence, knowing that you have already been tested and that your answers have been refined.

Stage 7: Post-Acceptance

Our work is not over when you receive that coveted letter of acceptance from your chosen MBA programs. In fact, a whole new phase begins. Determining which school to ultimately choose can sometimes be an agonizing process. We provide objective advice and sober second thought for candidates facing difficult choices that will affect the rest of their lives. We will brainstorm with you once again as you work through this important decision and, if desired, will even collaborate with you on another round of distinctive essays to help you win coveted scholarships sponsored by your chosen MBA program.

Stage 8: MBA Career Planning

Applying for your MBA can be so intense and time consuming that many candidates forget that “getting in” is only part of a larger journey—the ultimate destination is your dream post-MBA job. We have partnered with MBA Career Coaches to ensure that our prospective MBAs and MBA admits have the support necessary to define their career goals and pursue them in a focused and persistent manner. Whether you know exactly where you want to go after you have earned your MBA or are just starting to explore your options, MBA Career Coaches can help you turn your aspirations into concrete job offers. We encourage our mbaMission clients to take advantage of both a free 30-minute consultation with an MBA Career Coach and the many complimentary resources available through the firm’s site so that you always keep your professional end goal in view.

Package Fees¹

Complete Start-to-Finish Package²
Get Started One-School Package: $3,950
Multi-School Complete Start-to-Finish Packages³
Get Started Two-School Package: $5,250 — Save $200
Get Started Three-School Package: $6,500 — Save $450
Get Started Four-School Package: $7,700 — Save $750
Get Started Five-School Package: $8,800 — Save $1,150
Get Started Six-School Package: $9,800 — Save $1,650
Get Started Seven-School Package: $10,800 — Save $2,150
Supplemental Packages (Add to your initial purchase at a later date)
Get Started Additional Schools: $1,500

¹mbaMission promises two-business-day response—a maximum amount of time required to return your work, but certainly not a minimum. mbaMission will always strive to schedule a call, return a draft, etc. as soon as possible.
²You can purchase one school at a time and decide to purchase additional schools as you progress.
³When multi-school packages are purchased up front, clients receive the discounts listed in the “multi-school” fee schedule above. Pricing for dual degree and Consortium applications vary. Please contact mbaMission for specific pricing.

For information about hourly rates, please see our A la Carte Services. Please note that the hourly service is a separate service and cannot be purchased in conjunction with the Complete “Start-To-Finish” package service.